Shelters and Rescues

Royal City Humane Society 
“100% volunteer, registered charity, for felines abandoned or surrendered, in the greater New Westminster area. This is a place where you can ponder adopting, volunteer, sponsor or donate to help a few or all of them. Providing homes, food and medical care for cats in the shelter, in foster homes and at feeding stations. RCHS: (1) Locates owners or finds new homes for lost/stray/ animals (2) Maintains a trap/neuter/release (TNR) program for feral cats (3) Sterilizes all adult animals in our care (4) Provides prepaid spay/neuter certificates for young kittens (5) Provides low cost spay/neuter program for low income pet owners (6) Finds new homes for pets surrendered by owners (7) Provides financial assistance for vet costs for low income pet owners (8) Provides temporary fostering for pet owners in transition house, treatment programs or emergencies” – Royal City Humane Society Facebook page 
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Fraser Valley Humane Society 
“Established in September 1999, the Fraser Valley Humane Society is a registered, non-profit society that works with the community of Mission and area to reduce the overpopulation, spread of disease and the endless suffering of stray, unwanted or abandoned cats. We operate a no-kill, cat adoption center and shelter and believe in a humane approach to animal welfare. All cats in our care are vet checked, tested for FIV and leukemia, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, de-fled and tattooed prior to adoption. 
In the last 12 months there have been over 50 student and adult volunteers contributing an average of 696 hours per month.”- Taken from Fraser Valley Humane Society Overview
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SARA Society
“The S.A.R.A. (Save Animals through Rescue and Adoption) Society is a no-kill shelter located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. A non-profit organization and completely run by dedicated volunteers, SARA’s mission is to provide homeless, abandoned and surrendered animals a second chance in life by helping them find suitable and loving homes. SARA’s strict no-kill policy provides a refuge for unwanted pets while saving as many as possible from unnecessary euthanasia. The society was founded in 1998. Over the years, the shelter has grown to house over 120 cats, and a number of dogs, rabbits and birds. Many find wonderful and loving homes through our adoption program, butSARA also provides permanent housing for non-adoptable animals due to age, medical or behavioral problems. We also place many of our animals in our foster care program throughout the community.” – Taken from SARA Society Webiste
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Katie’s Place 
“Katie’s Place is a volunteer-run animal shelter in Maple Ridge We rescue and nurture animals, and we are a no-kill shelter. Two principals guide us: all life is valuable, and we are responsible for improving the quality of life for all those in our care. We make no judgment on whose life is worth rescuing. The sick, elderly and homely are as precious to us as the healthy, young and attractive. We advocate for the provision of responsible, respectful and compassionate care to animals within our community. We participate in public education as a preventive measure to ensure the quality of life for companion and other domestic animals. We work closely with other rescue organizations and resources to meet the needs of homeless animals in our community. We ensure the sterilization of all animals prior to adoption to address the issue of companion animal overpopulation and homelessness. Katie’s Place started helping animals in January of 2001. We became a registered charity in 2005 (Charitable Registration No: 86250 6037 RR0001). We take in mostly cats but we also take other small animals that have nowhere else to go. We ensure that all cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, tattooed or microchipped, and have their basic inoculations prior to adoption. Our funding comes entirely from donations, fundraising and applying for grants. The funds go directly to animal care. Less than three percent is spent on maintenance (eg. phone, bank charges, insurance). No remuneration of any kind goes to anybody who works for Katie’s Place.” – Taken from Katie’s Place website:

TLC Pet Adoption
“It is very special to have this opportunity to brag about my boss Madalynn Gilmore- she is one special woman. She is the founder of TLC Cat Rescue and believe me she rescues. Madalynn’s story like so many others started with rescuing a couple of cats left in her complex. Then a local vet heard of her soft heart and caring personality and the numbers grew and grew. This beginning was over 30 years ago in Langley BC and has developed into a thriving operation. TLC has no formal funding but supports the shelter and the cats by pet sitting and by the adoption fees from the adoptable cats and her pension cheques – no easy task. Unlike most shelters Madalynn’s kind heart shelters anywhere from 150-250 cats at any one time at large – no cages except for ill or new cats that have to go through a medical and health quarantine before they can be let out with the crew. Envision a couple of hundred cats in cozy beds, slightly over fed and very content. TLC rescues ALL cats. Our vet is often amazed at the number of cats our volunteers do save.…We pride ourselves on helping out businesses that are invaded by stray cats, cat owners that for various reasons need to turn their cat over to a agency that will not destroy their pet, home owners that have just gotten a new kitty from some where. We help them all and of course the numerous kittens that are born every year and who desperately need to find a home. It can be a horrendous job some days but every night when you know we have saved another little guy it makes it all worth it” – Suzy Loewan , Volunteer 
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WAG (Whistler Animal Galore)
“Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to homeless and lost dogs and cats in our community and to be advocates in finding their forever homes. WAG is reaching out to our community and those around us to help find ways to make animal welfare possible for everyone. Through our assistance programs and educational children’s programs, we strive to educate people how to be the best possible pet owners. Our high standards of care for our animals comes at a price, in order to maintain these standards and achieve financial stability, fundraisers, community awareness and participation is a must. The pride with which our community takes in the shelter experience offers us the ability to sustain this unique shelter. WAG is transparent and honest in its actions and communications to give our stakeholders a high level of confidence.We welcome all visitors and locals who want to contact us about pet adoption or even if you want to walk a dog or sit with a cat. They cherish these moments and we are appreciative of your kindness.” – Taken from WAG Facebook page 
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Nanoose Bay CATSPAN
“Nanoose Bay CatSpan has been caring for feral cats in the Nanoose area for the past 20 years. This organization came into being when a dedicated group of women and men discovered a colony of 40 cats living at a local marina. Over time, all of these cats were spayed or neutered and cared for until the last cat, Heba, died at the unbelievable old age of 18 years. This dedicated group of people has expanded to other areas outside of Nanoose Bay and in 2011 trapped, neutered and released over 172 cats and kittens. They provide veterinary assistance, food, and advice to many colony caregivers in the area.” – Taken from Nanoose Bay CATSPAN
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Northern Animal Rescue Alliance
“We are advocates for abused, neglected and abandoned animals in the community of Terrace and surrounding area. Our mission is to provide means to a better life for all animals that come into our care, whether that means providing rescue placement, short-term care and responsible rehoming, rehabilitation for illness and injury or providing sanctuary for the old and un-adoptable. We remain accountable for the animals in our care and that have passed through our care for the entirety of their lives ensuring they are provided with everything necessary to live a happy healthy life. We promote responsible humane treatment of all pets which includes Spay and Neuter.” – Taken from Northern Animal Rescue Alliance Facebook page
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Cannery Row
“With help from “the local kids”, we painted up our 1st food donation box and placed it in front of our only local store. This was in October 2011, they were so proud, they made posters as well. The kids would come over and help me bathe the kittens. We were developing a sense of pride in our little budding Cannery Row. We all thought that we would be able to use the dogpound and everything would fall into place, gosh we were naive. I entered the AVIVA Community Fund contest, we did really well, did not win anything, but we made many friends on the net. We were told to pick up our donation box because all it did was pick up garbage. Our local district has put up one barrier after the other. Slowly my little troopers have drifted, I feel so bad for them, they were so strong and willing. My board started falling to the side, yet the cats seemed to find me at my place. I was looking after 25 cats at one point, 5 litter boxes, my health is not so great so I was running on exhausted. In June 2012, ever so slowly we are coming back to life again. I credit this to the online support we have received It is very expensive where we live, unemployment is terrible and we rely on any support we can get.” – Alice Kurta, Cannery Row Shelter Association
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Last Chance Cat Ranch 
“A not-for-profit cat rescue that is a no-kill organization. Has been in operation since 2003 first in Coaldale and now in Lethbridge, Alberta. Officially incorporated as a Registered Society in Alberta on January 9th, 2006…When the founder of The LCCR moved from Edmonton in November of 2002, she was appalled at the number of cats in this region that were disposed of at the local municipal ‘animal shelter’ (city pound) and even more that were domestic pets that were dropped off in the country to fend for themselves. This type of ignorance and cruelty is not endemic to the Lethbridge area. It is rampant throughout the Province of Alberta. There are over fifty (50) cats in our rescue that have been waiting patiently for their forever homes.” – Taken from Last Chance Cat Ranch Facebook page
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CAWES (Coast Animal Welfare & Education Society)
“We are a group of volunteers who believe that all creatures should be treated humanely and with respect. Our goal is to help create harmony on Bowen Island between pets, wildlife, and people. There is no SPCA or wildlife rescue group on our island. Founded in 2000, CAWES manages to fulfill a much needed animal advocacy service to our community by…
Controlling the overpopulation of felines through sterilization.
Minimizing any impact on wildlife by feeding stray and abandoned cats.
Offering ongoing support, consolation, and advice to animal lovers and pet owners; and educating them in the care and welfare of their pets.
Providing financial and moral support to pet owners in need who have sick pets.
Reuniting lost pets with their families.
Reducing the number of stray animals through our foster and adoption activities.
Helping to sustain our natural environment by participating in and supporting wildlife rescue activities.” – Taken from CAWES website
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Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab Shelter
“Prince Rupert’s Wildlife Rehab Shelter is a volunteer service operated 24 hours a day by Gunther and Nancy Golinia, two long term residents of Prince Rupert. They have been operating the facility for over 20 years and have rescued, rehabilitated and released thousands of birds and animals. With no rehab facilities between the Queen Charlotte Islands and Smithers, the animals come in from as far away as Terrace, Kitimat, Dease Lake, Metlakatla and other islands on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada. An area approximately as large as France…Although the shelter has most of the facets of a society, it is not registered as a non-profit society. We operate totally with the help of volunteers and run with a complete Board of Directors. Donations are exclusively relied on from individuals and businesses to run the shelter and care for the animals.” – Taken from Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab Shelter’s website
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Kitimat Humane Society 
“The Kitimat Community Humane Society, and it’s workers are tirelessly devoted to the well being and respect of all animals. The KCHS is a locally funded operation which helps those who cannot help themselves. They take in abused, neglected, surrendered and sick animals and re-home them to pre-approved and pre-screened homes. The KCHS welcomes everyone to come down and see the new shelter, as well as view the adoptable cats, dogs and small animals. Spend some time playing with the cats or walking a few of the dogs; every little bit helps and the KCHS appreciates Kitimat’s devotion and help!” – Taken from the Kitimat Humane Society Website
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Paws for Hope 
“Paws for Hope Animal Foundation is a registered charity in Vancouver, British Columbia established in 2011 out of the recognition that the majority of existing animal welfare initiatives are set up to respond to the immediate and urgent needs of animals in crisis and that in order to significantly improve animal welfare, a holistic and sustainable approach is required. Our Goals:1. To improve the overall welfare of animals through education programs, awareness campaigns and community support. 2. To enhance the work of community-based rescue organizations through fundraising, event planning and awareness support
3. To eliminate the unnecessary killing of animals through the development of a sanctuary and rehabilitation centre.” – Taken from Paws For Hope Website
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SAFE Team (Saving Animals From Euthanasia)
“Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE) Team is a 100% volunteer based, no kill, non profit charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals who are abandoned, abused or facing euthanasia in Alberta. Thousands of deserving, beautiful animals suffer from abuse, neglect and are killed every day in our community.” – Taken from SAFE team website
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CatNap Society 
“Our mandate is to rescue abandoned cats and kittens, provide medical attention where necessary, have them spayed and neutered and, hopefully, find them homes. In the case of feral cats, after they are spayed/neutered they will be released back to the original location where they were trapped if they can be provided with shelter and food on a daily basis. This should reduce the number of suffering and abandoned cats in this city. We are not an animal control agency. We are willing to assist in trapping feral cats if someone needs assistance but they must be willing to help these cats after their release. CatNAP can only do so much. This is a community problem that needs the support of the community.” – Taken from CatNAP Society Facebook page
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Chilliwack Safe Haven 
“The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven Society is dedicated to saving homeless cats, helping pets stay in loving homes, and cultivating respect and awareness for the rights and needs of animals. We believe adoption is vital; abandoned cats desperately need loving homes. But we cannot merely “adopt” our way out of the homeless animal problem. We must also reduce the number of animals at risk. There’s an old saying that the ultimate goal of animal shelters is to put themselves out of business — to realize the dream of a day when there are no more homeless cats. If every community reduced the number of animals at risk, we would be much closer to achieving that dream. Donations, volunteers, and new members are always welcome. Or just to stop by for a visit any time during our office hours! Our adoptees would love to meet you. Thanks for visiting!” – Taken from Chilliwack Safe Haven Society Website
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Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue Society 
“Hope Lives Here Animal Rescue Society was formed to be the voice for the voiceless. We focus on rescuing the abandoned, homeless, and un-wanted dogs. Our target rescue location is a small un-monitored garbage dump in an isolated community in Central Alberta. Our founder, Jessica Nagorski has been working off the garbage dump for the past 2 years and is very dedicated to rescuing these dogs and giving them the life they deserve. Many of our rescues spend the first months of their lives surviving on human waste such as diapers, and toxic materials such as anti freeze. Ideally we would like to go to our community every week to feed the homeless dogs but it is expensive to drive out to the location every week. We also cannot rescue the dogs that are living at the garbage dump unless we have dedicated foster homes.As of July 1, 2013 we have successfully rescued 38 dogs/puppies from the garbage dump.We are hoping to begin our spay and neuter initiative this year as we are dedicated to curb the issue of over population within that community. Together we can be the voice for the voiceless. We appreciate every like and share! Monetary donations can be made via our Facebook page or our website at We are also looking for a few volunteers to join our team!”– Jessica, Founder and Adoption Coordinator
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Misty Creek Dog Rescue
“Misty Creek Dog Rescue takes in dogs from pounds, reserves, other shelters and voluntary owner surrenders providing them with medical care, vaccinations, and behavioural training with the aim of finding them forever homes. Because of the strict no-kill mandate, dogs may stay at the shelter for years until they are successfully placed with a suitable family. Working closely with foster home volunteers, they have saved over 3500 dogs.” – Taken from Misty Creek Dog Rescue Facebook page 
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Ridge Rescue Society 
“I have been doing rescue since I was 18 y ears old. In the last 2 years I have changed our direction by forming a Society and registering Provincially and Federally. We are a no-kill society that operates by donations, fundraising, and adoption fees. We utilize foster homes and volunteers with all aspects of the organization. This year alone, Jan 1 – June 30 we have accepted 82 dogs into our rescue. We have adopted to new families, had a couple fellow rescues we work closely with help with some (more the large puppy mill groups that arrive or ones that are not having much interest in our area), and we currently have 22 in rescue. We help with cats as well and this year has rescued a few horses from slaughter situations. Our rescues come from a variety of places – shelters that still euthanize, strays/lost/found, transfers from other rescues, puppy mill situations, breeder surrenders, and owner surrenders. Most of our rescues come from within Canada, occasionally an USA dog comes into rescue.” – Stephanie, President 
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Global Animal Lovers
“Spay/Neuter, Adopt/Rescue is the only answer to our global problem of the ever-growing pet population! Their relinquishment to shelters & their subsequent euthanization are preventable problems with a rational solution – SPAY & NEUTER! Global Animal Lovers is a 100% volunteer-run organization whose prime objective is to “fix” the pet overpopulation problem! We volunteer at spay and neuter clinics around the world but mostly on First Nations. We also raise funds and collect supplies necessary for these clinics to continue to operate successfully! GALS takes in urgent animals through requests from reserves, various shelters, humane societies, pounds and occasional owner surrenders once all other efforts have been exhausted. Animals are spayed/neutered prior to finding their forever homes! We rely completely on fundraising events, donations and adoptions fees. We do not operate a shelter so no money goes towards rent, utilities or building fees. Instead, we operate as a network of foster homes to shelter and care for our animals in a positive environment that prepares them up for their future forever home! All donations are used for items such as veterinary care, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, food and other related supplies and expenses.” – Taken from Global Animal Lovers Facebook Page
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Duke & Duchess Animal Rescue
“David (Duke) and Maria Sanson (Duchess) are the founders of Duke and Duchess Animal Rescue (DDARS). Although I have been in rescue for 14 years, either with other groups or with a friend, we started our own in 2008. We have rescued many animals before DDARS but with our own group (DDARS) we have adopted 550 dogs and a few cats. We have three Directors: Amber Klepadlo, Justine Burton and Natalie Burton who work very hard and are very passionate in what we are doing. We also have a strong support system of volunteers. No matter how stressful it can be we always think “Bottom line it is for the animals”” –Duke & Duchess Rep. 
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Alberta Sheltie Rescue 
“Alberta Sheltie Rescue is a small non profit organization based in Calgary. We assist homeless, needy or unwanted Shelties/Sheltie crosses (and even the odd Border Collie) find forever homes with loving families. Our dogs come into our care from shelters, veterinary clinics, other rescue organizations and people who can no longer care for their pet. Each Sheltie who comes into our care is given basic veterinary care, neutered/spayed, micro-chipped and brought up to date on vaccinations. We foster these Shelties in our own homes, providing them with food, companionship and TLC. Families wanting to adopt one of our shelties are very carefully screened so that each sheltie goes to a home matching its needs.We started out in 2007 with a single volunteer managing the intakes and adoptions. ASR grew quickly and we added foster homes and volunteers to manage the activities. To date, we have cared for, loved and placed just over 100 shelties!”-Shelly Loree, Communications and Intake Coordinator
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Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)
“The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society is a registered, non-profit charity.
In Alberta, thousands of cats and dogs are homeless, abandoned, abused or living in horrendous conditions. Although we may not see them on the streets of our cities and towns, it is estimated that well over 25,000 small animals are rescued or surrendered in Alberta alone…AARCS mission is to improve the lives of animals by rescuing and providing sanctuary to abandoned, surrendered or abused animals; assisting communities to achieve healthy and respectful relationships with animals; promoting responsible and compassionate guardianship and advocating on behalf of all animals…We envision AARCS to be the nation’s leading animal welfare organization by spearheading Canada’s efforts to eliminate animal cruelty and homelessness. Through this initiative, AARCS will work to ensure every animal has adequate food, shelter, kindness and companionship.” – Taken from AARCSwebsite
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