Who We are!

Who WE are!

Earth Options recipes are the product of years of carefully listening to our customers.  They are part of the current stable of products from Pets First a long standing Canadian company (founded in 1994) advocating the creation of healthy natural diets for our furry families.  Our recipes are currently available throughout Canada and the Western United States.


Haven't heard of US!

We often refer to ourselves as a ‘best kept secret’ relying on the word of mouth great reviews that our recipes provide your furry families.  We have never been available in pet stores. We prefer to spend our money on sourcing the best ingredients to put inside the bag as opposed to advertising pretty pictures on the bag.


What is so special about your RECIPES?

Earth Options recipes by Pets First strive for excellence in quality.  Our recipes are simply superior in a crowded and confusing marketplace. We meet or exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) as well as CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) standards. We only use the finest ingredients which are sourced close to the production facility where possible.  Currently our recipes are manufactured in Ontario, Canada.  There are NO by- products or artificial preservatives in our recipes. We only use defined meat and/or meal sources (Chicken, Salmon, Lamb, Duck).  Our bags are stamped with the date of manufacture so you always know just how fresh the food really is. We strive to keep you informed and have never made a decision that negatively impacts the quality of our foods, our ingredients or our service.


What about quality control?

Earth Options recipes undergo stringent testing for both quality and safety. They are manufactured at plants which are EU, FDA, and CFIA certified.  This means that they must meet a very high standard of sanitation, cleanliness and manufacturing practices.  There are specific independent audits performed regularly by well respected human food audit companies. We test our ingredients before receiving them at the plant for a variety of toxins as well as their nutrient density and proper moisture levels.  We then continue testing for salmonella and e coli during all levels of the manufacturing process using the standards set by Health Canada.  We use state of the art technology to accurately measure protein, fat and moisture levels in our recipes.  We record batch numbers so they can be tracked back immediately.  Finally we package our product in a bag that provides ultimate projection against rancidity as we use only natural preservatives.  This bag contains a plastic layer which is fused to a foil layer.  Currently this type of bag is not part of any commercial recycling program.  This is why as part of our environmental sustainability commitment we offer a recycle program that has as a main goal to keep these bags out of landfills. 


Have you ever been part of any pet food recall?

No, never.


Have you ever had the FDA or CFIA find salmonella or e coli in your foods?

No, never.


Where can I buy your recipes?

Our recipes are available from selected independent distributors as well as pet professionals including some specialty retailers.  There is also an option to have these recipes delivered direct from the manufacturer to your door.  There are also offices in Surrey BC and Calgary AB that act as distribution centers for our products. 


What about specialty/prescription type diets?

Our recipes are formulated to meet the needs of our furry families on a daily basis. They may very well provide the nutritional requirements that are required of a prescription diet in some cases.   It is always best to ask the veterinarian if this diet will meet the criterion that is being treated. We can provide our specific nutritional profiles to show your vet.  Veterinarians are not usually well schooled in nutrition so perhaps some additional questions or explanations may be required.  Veterinarians also sell pet food and that pet food is exclusive to them so we recommend comparing the ingredients and profiles with our recipes.  If they need to know more about us or haven’t heard of us we will happily contact them with our full information.


Is your product guaranteed?

All of our recipes come with a 100% money back guarantee.  We certainly hope that one of our recipes will meet the nutritional and health requirements of your furry family but in the case that one doesn't -  we will use our years of experience to recommend a diet that will work – even if it’s not one we manufacture.


Do you have  Grain Free recipes?

Yes, one of our most popular canine recipes is a moderate protein moderate fat diet formulated to meet the most discriminating of tastes.  It is packed with exceptional ingredients and produces such outstanding results we call it our SUPERFOOD! A second Grain Free Potato Free recipe uses a more simplistic approach. We use Turkey as our source of protein.  Find out more in our recipe section.


Do you have recipes for dogs with food sensitivities?

Yes, we have an excellent recipe in our ‘Simplicity’ lineup which uses a select protein to aid in eliminating sensitivities.  Our Salmon recipe.


Do you have recipes for overweight dogs?

Yes, we have an ‘Optimal Weight’ recipe -  We use Chicken protein and it is low in k/cals.  The main ingredient in keeping your furry family at optimal weight is entirely up to you.  We have feeding guidelines on every bag for you to use as a guide. We provide each new pet parent with a stainless steel cup which we hope you use to help measure the amounts you are feeding.  We would also like you to perform regular rib checks to make sure that he remains at his optimal weight.  In most cases this will be less than the recommended feeding guidelines but is entirely dependent on metabolic as well as environmental conditions.  Less is better than more!!


Why do you care about my furry family?

We started Pets First because we care about OUR four legged families.  We make all of decisions based on what is best for our pets first!  After 20 years we remain a secret worth keeping! 

Helping OUR furry family live a long and healthy life!!  It’s in the bag.

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