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FELINE INDOOR – Optimal Weight

Available in 10 lb/4.54 kg or 20 lb/9.07 kg sizes

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  • Slow cooked in small batches at low temperature
  • Tartar Control / Hairball Control
  • High quality fit for human consumption ingredients
  • Formulated to maintain Optimal Weight especially for finicky INDOOR cats
  • Chicken/TurkeyHigh quality sources of proteins that produce more metabolized energy per kibble andare easily digested. Protein levels have increased to 34% offering a well balanced moderate level that will impress your furry carnivore.
  • Salmon - Salmon is a highly nutritious food source. It is high in protein, and the ‘good fats’. We know that most cats love their Salmon!
  • Whole Brown Rice, Oatmeal and Potatoes — Excellent fit for human consumption sources of energy while maintaining balanced sources of carbohydrates that will have your furry family purring in your lap.
  • Taurine - is essential in a cat’s diet. Deficiencies of Taurine in cats can cause heart and eye problems so we add the necessary amount to keep your feline’s heart and eyes at optimal performance.
  • Pea- Assists in leveling the blood glucose curve and is a source of insoluble dietary fibre for improved intestinal health. Also contains lysine, an essential amino acid. Helps to reduce or eliminate hairballs. Our improved recipe contains a an increased amount of fiber. Perfect for indoor cats.
  • Balanced Omega profiles - Essential fatty acids are the cornerstone of a healthy immune system. A moderate level of Omega 6 (1.5%) and Omega 3 (.25%) provides the perfect balance necessary for optimal health.
  • Vitamins and Minerals – Help maintain a healthy skin, coat, skeletal, digestive and immune system. Chelated for more complete assimilation.

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