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why choose our recipes


Earth Options recipes are made in small batches with exceptional ingredients and brought to you FRESH. Fresh is ALWAYS best.  We are ALWAYS  very diligent about freshness.  That is why we source only the best and get our finished foods to you as directly as we can.


Earth Options recipes are proven to help our furry family thrive well into their senior years.  We know that our family deserves the best HEALTH and Earth Options recipes provide the balanced nutrition that keeps our family HEALTHY

Environmentally Friendly

Earth Options recipes use as many locally available ingredients as possible. WE can tell you where each ingredient originates!  Earth Options recipes are packed in UV resistant packages that help keep our recipes fresh.  These packages are ‘not available in land fills’   WE offer a unique ‘recycle program’  for all of our clients.

Quality inspected

We care too much about our customers so we know when every bag was made; we know that every batch has been through a rigorous inspection, we know that our facilities have regular inspections by both the USDA and the CFIA.  We know where every ingredient originates and we know that if it’s not perfect – it doesn’t become part of our Earth Options diets.


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