Exclusive Program for Canadian Breeders!

Do you recommend your current pet food to your puppy or kitten families? Does that company recognize you or thank you while they profit from your referrals?

  • Do they give you a rebate for growing their business?


  • Do they know who you are


  • Do they answer your food related questions in a timely fashion?


  • Do they deliver food to your door?


  • What do they do for you?


We do it all!

We give you and your puppy/kitten families the PEACE OF MIND of knowing that they will receive a FRESH Canadian made, all natural recipe delivered to their door. Its guaranteed!

And for YOU! We have some pretty neat bonuses as a Thank You!!

How our breeder program works:

  • Purchase our pet food for the same wholesale price pet food stores (retailers) purchase their food.


  • You purchase our recipes at a large discount (30%) and we help you choose the right recipes for your particular breed.


  • We send you puppy/kitten packs at no charge and you return the pertinent details of your new placements


  • We call these proud new parents with your blessing and set them up as ‘direct from the manufacturer’ customers with your name linked to their file.


  • We bonus your efforts with 10% of all their purchases in the form of a quarterly product voucher for as long as they purchase our recipes. Detailed reports are provided if requested.


  • You use your vouchers towards the purchase of your own food. Your purchase now includes a 30% discount plus your voucher total. We have some breeders that have quarterly vouchers in the 4 figures. These breeders have negligible to zero food costs.


  • Plus - Save those empty bags - return 15 empty bags and you will receive a free bag from us as part of our Recycle bag program and our commitment to helping the environment.


We highly recommend our recipes be fed for at least a year and you make it part of your breeder agreement. This helps guarantee they follow your feeding instructions for the first year. The rest is up to us. We contact your puppy/kitten families before they run out of food, send them more and you continue to receive your quarterly vouchers for as long as they are buying our recipes.

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