what our customers say

I was noticing that Birkley my dog was not responding positive to his current dog food and seem to be gaining more weight, I figured since I eat healthy so should my dog. A good friend of mine told me about Earth Options dog food, so after 6 years of feeding Birkley the same dog food, I went to Pets 1st in Calgary and spoke with the lady about switching Birkley's food. She suggested I feed him the Canine Optimal Weight diet. I told her about his bad breath, she suggested the charcoal/peppermint  treats.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the food and what would work well for Birkley's needs. He has been losing weight and no more bad breath.

I would recommend this brand of food to any pet owner.

— A, Calgary AB

I have been a very satisfied customer for over 4 years now. Your food quality is amazing and my two dogs and cat can prove that ... I tell everyone about your product and service . I will never buy from another pet store company again . Thank you for caring about what you put into your food and our animals .. — AR, Delta BC

This is Cali the Leonberger and Tula the Bernese Mountain Dog.  They have grown up on Pets First Chicken and Brown Rice and Chicken and Barley.  When Cali was 4months old I had her on an extremely high protein food (I will not mention the brand name) and she grew so fast she developed Panno.  We switched to Pets First and her troubles soon went away. As a giant breed it is important to balance their nutrition with their growth rate otherwise you will end up with horrible problems.  Hip Dysplasia, DJD etc.   Our new little leonberger Emee is growing up on this food too and there has been no hint of a problem.  Her growth is even and has been kept at the perfect rate to keep a giant breed girl such as herself in perfect health.  So far she is looking “Mahvelous Dahling” and we will be entering her in her first show in two weeks.

Wish us luck.

— FM, Langley BC

Gotti is 4 years old and is allergic to grain. I was having a lot of difficulty with him getting rashes, and infections in his ear. I spent over $5000 in vet bills until Pam introduced to me to the turkey duck and salmon grain free. Since then my dog has been completely healthy and has not needed to go back to the vet except for to get his shots. Thank you pets first!

— RG, Surrey BC

Just wanted to say 'Thank You'! Pets 1st is a fantastic company. I receive EXCELLENT service each and every time I call in and order, no matter who I speak with! — SL, Regina SK

We breed and show Bernese Mountain Dogs and have been using Pets First diets since October of 1995. We found our dogs don’t have hot spots or other skin problems and their orthopedics as well as longevity have been well above average for the breed. The savings on vet bills is huge. We also rescue Bernese- some of the rescues have a variety of skin and digestion problems. Pets First, their various Earth Options specialized recipes and their knowledgeable staff have made it easy to find the right combination and sort out the problems. Their wonderful breeder program earns us credits when our puppy owners buy the food. This greatly helps offset our breeding costs. 

— S&G Arina Bernese, Aldergrove BC

I have been feeding my dogs Pets First products for over 17 years. I was impressed by the beautiful condition of the owner’s own dogs when I first met them. Whatever was good enough for those dogs, was good enough for mine. I have had 4 performance dogs taking part in many different canine sports fueled by Earth Options by Pets First diets. They have enjoyed long, healthy and active lives as well as loving their meal time.  — L, Richmond BC

Kisha is now a 14 year-old dog, but she doesn't look much different from this picture taken two summers ago.  She has slowed down (slightly) and she is deaf as a doornail, but her coat is still sleek and she still chases squirrels and jumps into the back of the SUV in anticipation of romps through the forest (we live in the Rocky Mountains).

 She has been a Pets First Dog for at least 10 years, perhaps more (your records would probably show that).  Everyone who sees her cannot believe that she is this old.  If they ask what we've done, we don't hesitate to say that she's been on this awesome food for years--Pets First.   She still has good teeth, she doesn't smell like some old dogs do.  She has to have a soft bed in every room now, but take her out and she's full of life!!

 Thanks Pets First for your part in keeping our family member Kisha in such good health!!

— V and D, Vancouver BC

Buddy has been with us for 12 years. We have tried various pet foods over the years, some of the which were successful for a short while, and some which were left untouched in the truly disdainful feline way. At times in the past, he has shown his displeasure when my wife and I go away for a weekend by vomiting on various key areas in our house. Such is cat behaviour...or so we thought. Since we changed over to an Earth Options diet, he has ceased showing displeasure all over the carpet. My wife and I have gone away at various times in the last four months, with no ill effects staining our carpets! He still wants companionship at 4 in the morning, but his food has stopped being any issue whatsoever.

— KS, North Delta BC

This is Echo, he is a 6 year old ACD. Echo came from 100 Mile House, off a working cattle ranch. Right away I knew he was meant to be ours. He is the most amazing boy, and we love him so much! Thanks to Earth Options foods, our lovely babies are in the most incredible health of their lives. Even our Vet asks what we feed them to have their coats, teeth and bodies look so amazing...Thanks Pets First! 

— AR, Pitt Meadows BC

I choose to feed and sell Earth Options pet food by Pets First, because it gives me and my customers peace of mind. Earth Options Pet Food is a Canadian product that uses only top quality ingredients to make the freshest pet food on the market. I change hundreds of dogs diets to Earth Options and they have no problems with loose stool. Last but not least, Earth Options cares about our environment. They are the only pet food company that recycles their empty pet food bags, and offers a free bag of food when we return 15 empty food bags. — GS WillChris Kennels Ltd, Surrey BC

We adopted Koda at age 6 months, a German Shepherd Mix from the Burnaby SPCA in November 2001.  Our house was his dog house for 12 years.  He was a fun-loving, good natured, active and sociable pet.  Whenever there is company big or small in the house and despite his size, he was just a member of the family and always mixed in with the crowd.  We sadly miss him but he's in a better place now  running and jumping with others. Koda was fed Pets 1st dry kibbles, the chicken & barley variety, during his 12 years with us.  I truly felt this diet kept him healthy as he has had no health issues until he developed myelopathy this past year.  Even his last meal of October 23/13 he ate up everything.  Thank you for providing us with your great dry dog food products and biscuits and, of course,  great customer service.

— DM, Burnaby BC

In 2004 we started feeding Pets 1st dog food to our two dogs, ages 1+2 years old. The male was having dandruff and hair loss. We had tried a few different foods with no results. We were at a trade fair and discovered Pets 1st. Within 3 weeks we noticed a significant difference. The male had stopped flaking and his hair was thicker and shinny, too. These are show dogs and we needed top looking dogs, and now and they are. We are breeders, so we require excellent show dogs in every way. We have recommended Pets 1st dog and cat food to several dog and cat owners. They have all solved their health issues, and they thank us all the time. — LA, Calgary AB
Pets First, Thank you for the great food. Shilo ate Pets First from 6 weeks to 18 years old. Other than yearly vet visits, Shilo went to get cream for her dry eyes and to a chiropractor when she put her back out. I credit Pets First for her long, healthy life. Thank you! — SH, Kelowna BC
I started with Pets First in June 1999 and noticed a incredible difference in all my 4-legged shortly after starting their new food. The level of customer service and their pet nutrition at Pets First goes beyond expectation. I have recommend Pets First and their diets to all my family members, friends and co-worker and will continue recommending Pets First. (Wrustty, Shadow, Chewy, Shei Lee, Mia Mae) — JG, Calgary AB