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A long long time ago, we made a commitment to make the best possible decisions with one important family member in mind. You know, the one with four paws and a furry coat. The one that offers unconditional love. The one that expects nothing in return.

WE made a corporate decision to only employ dog and cat lovers. Some of our staff even love fish or reptiles, go figure!

We figured that if we were to be focused on our furry family that our furry family should be in charge and spending their time tasting every morsel and placing their paws of approval on the finished product.

The people really in charge of our company are the ones with four paws.

Who We are!

Earth Options recipes are the product of years of carefully listening to our customers. They are part of the current stable of products from Pets First a long standing Canadian company (founded in 1994) advocating the creation of healthy natural diets for our furry families. Our recipes are currently available throughout Canada and the Western United States.

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our commitment to Earth Friendly

Have you recently purchased, fed, used or gifted 'jerky treats'?

Specifically those Made in China or outside of North America.

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Furry Families in Need

“Furry Families in Need” is a fundraising initiative as well as a donation program which involves contributions from the public.

Our community initiative