Lamb Optimal Protection

Natural dry dog food with a universal choice of protein because it is easily digested.

NO poultry or fish protein in this recipe.

Can be compared to bison this recipe is ideal for all life stages.

We don’t use any of the following in our recipes: Corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, animal by products, undefined meat sources. No Ingredients from China.

Our ingredients are sourced in North America and our lamb is from New Zealand. Our deboned proteins are sourced local to our manufacturing facility.

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A very special and unique recipe that we recommend as an alternative to the various poultry and fish diets that proliferate the market. Our quality source of lamb is comparable to a high cut of bison. Lamb has many of the same benefits as bison but is much more environmentally sustainable. An ultimate source of high quality protein, lamb is often considered the universal protein because it is easily digested and readily available.

This recipe also features apples, carrots and cranberries in this moderate protein recipe. We designed this recipe with the addition of coconut oil for its many health benefits. A unique benefit of this diet is that there is no poultry fat added as the source of fat. This enable us to recommend this recipe for those dogs that have a sensitivity to poultry in any form. In addition we use both pre and probiotics to aid digestion and assimilation into the body.

This is also one of the recommended recipes for dogs that are a little pudgy. Its balance of ingredients, palatability and omega fatty acid profile is why we named it our ‘optimal protection’ recipe. It protects your furry family by providing everything that he needs to maintain his health and vigor. You just add love.